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first term as president of the united states. the president will be meeting with reporters in the east room of the white house, he's getting ready for that, originally he was scheduled for 10:15, now it's been rescheduled to 11:30. about a half hour from now. there you're seeing a live picture of the white house right now on this monday morning, once again, this will be the president's last formal news conference. in his first term as president, he's sworn in in his second term as president. the president will open his news conference later today we're told with a statement on the debt ceiling and why he has said repeatedly over these past few weeks that he will not negotiate with republicans about raising the debt ceiling, as a result he says he won't negotiate, republicans say that is a bargaining chip that they have to try to cut spending to deal with the nation's deficit. we're watching what's going on at the white house, we'll have the full coverage of the news conference leading into it. we're also watching right now what's happening in newtown, connecticut. one month to the stay
a lifetime in politics, eventually becoming the vice president of the united states and now a second term this is huge. >> it's very big. yesterday exthere was a funny moment, vice president on the road was out, called himself president biden. proud to be presidented by in, he had to correct himself. i do think given recent events, takes on significance, the president brought joe biden into the middle of the talks on the fiscal cliff, helps finalize the agreement, then turned to him on gun control, there has been rumblings out there now that vice president biden might actually be interested in running in 2016. there's a whiff of politics today as justice sotomayor swears him in. it is not an accident, i think the first hispanic justice. >> suggesting part of his courting, the hispanic vote, is that what you think? >> had just possibly they had that in mind. just possibly. >> possibly 100% chance that is the case. now it is also true that sonia soto may certificate first justice appointed by the obama/biden team. when he was senator, he was chairman of the judiciary committee. supreme cour
you around the world in 60 minutes. we begin with nuclear threats against the united states. north korea announced plans to test more nuclekes and more lon range rocket launches. north korea's defense commission calls america the sworn enemy of the korean people. i want to get straight to new york. >> the words are very threatening. it is very incredible to hear them directly threaten united states in that way just ahead of what they say will be another nuclear test. what i'm hearing and what analysts are saying is that is probably how one would have expected them to react. it comes just a day after yet more u.s. action and u.n. action at the security council and more sanction action. most people believe this is not a threat of attacking the united states but certainly the words are threatening to the united states. they say analysts that this is north korea's way of trying to deter any further action from the international community. and that they have no capacity to invade in terms of long range missiles to reach the u.s. it is a serious issue if they do test any kind of nuclear
scattered around the hospital's different departments as well as in the intensive care units who have not been identified yet. it isn't a big number, the people waiting outside for news are desperate. >> it was the end of the summer holiday season in brazil. the last chance to party for many young people due back at school or work on monday. cnn, santa maria, brazil. >> we had a similar tragedy here in the u.s., a fire started at an overcrowded nightclub in rhode island and died. if you can believe it, that was 10 years ago. susan candiotti has a look back at that nightclub fire. >> reporter: in 2003, 100 people died at the station nightclub in west warwick rhode island, where the band great white was performing, pyrotechnics ignited sound proofing material, smoke filled the room, in 1990, arson was the cause of the happy land fire in new york, it killed 87 people. authorities said the bronx club was operating illegally, two years after it was ordered closed because of safety violations. in 1977 fire at the beverly hills supper club in south gate kentucky killed 165 people. among 2400
karzai. we're there for the benefit of the united states. as long as there is a threat that comes from afghanistan, al qaeda, as long as afghanistan could be in the future used as a potential safe haven against people in the united states, we're there, we have to recognize that we're there.safee united states, we're there, we have to recognize that we're there. and we have to remember first principles. we're there for the defense of the american mainland and american people. >> always good to get your thoughts. appreciate it, sir. >> take care. >>> in december russias passed a law banning u.s. adoptions. that left hundreds in limbo wondering what were happening to the children they were already in the process of adopting. now there may be some hope for those people. >>> one problem after another this week if boeing 787 dream liner. now the u.s. government weighing in. >>> also coming up, it is the first and only exhibition of its kind to ever tour the united states featuring 150 mummies. fr r. clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times
the ban on women in combat units. >> therefore today, general dempsey and i, are pleased to announce that we are eliminating the direct ground combat exclusion rule for women. and we are moving forward with a plan to eliminate all unnecessary gender based barriers to service. >> so, eliminating this ban is going to take time. the military now begins what officials call, quote, the assessment phase. they will examine all units and produce a time line. every three months leaders have to check in on progress, and if it's found that a woman is not fit for the unit, exemption may be sought. >> your mission for today, you are going to the village of -- >> thank you, thank you. >> we've intel that there's possibly three to five fighters out in the village. you are going to be going out with osi to do a source meet in the village with ahmed at the car garage, be aware that they are possibly armed with rpgs and small arms. ahmed, this is tech sgt. andrea jefferson's worst nightmare, taking on enemy fire and a comrade goes down. >> he is bleeding here, hold pressure on the wound. >> as an air
of immunity is of very specific importance for the united states. as was, for us, the issue of sovereignty and detentions and the continued presence of international forces in afghan villages and the very conduct of the war itself. with those issues resolved, as we did today, part of it, the rest was done earlier, i can go to the afghan people and argue for immunity for u.s. troops in afghanistan in a way that afghan sovereignty would not be compromised, in a way that afghan law would not be compromised, in a way that the provisions that we arrive at through talks will give the united states the satisfaction of what it seeks and will also provide the afghan people the benefits that they are seeking through this partnership and the subsequent agreement. [ inaudible ] >> that's not for us to decide. it is an issue for the united states. numbers are not going to make a difference to the situation in afghanistan. it is the broader relationship that will make a difference to afghanistan and beyond in the region. the specifics of numbers are issues that the military will decide and afghanistan w
. >> what today means for hillary clinton's legacy. >>> welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm brooke baldwin at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. >> and i'm jake tapper in washington. any minute inside this room on capitol hill testimony, four months in the making, secretary of state hillary clinton will testify before the house foreign affairs committee about what happened on september 11th of last year, the day when these four americans, ambassador chris stevens, shawn smith, tyrone woods and glen doherty were killed at the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. >> jake, i want to bring you back in and bring in our chief congressional correspondent dana bash so we can have this whole conversation as we're watching and awaiting the secretary of state there to testify before the house foreign affairs committee. and, dana bash, do we have you seated? >> i am, hi, brooke. >> nice to see you. as we await what will possibly be a little bit more fiery, right, questioning from members of the house as opposed to what we saw with the senate foreign relations commi
of the united states will be here in attendance. she will be the one who is introducing the closer tonight, if you will, katy perry, the big headliner. i was backstage and saw usher. you are far east movement, i just talked to nick cannon, the host of this shebang here want to. the point, don lemon, of these big stars, really the stars are the children. this whole thing, very near and dear to the heart of both michelle obama and dr. jill biden is military families, not just honoring men and women in uniform, but honoring the spouses and children. and tonight it's about the kids. i just talked to a mother whose husband is about to deploy for time number five. talked to her, talked to her little-year-o 8-year-old. watch. okay, mj. big concert tonight. who are you most excited to see? >> katy perry. >> reporter: and why is that? >> because i know a lot of her songs. like, "i'm wide awake." >> reporter: and this is your first concert tonight, right? >> yes. >> so mom, it's his first concert for your two kids. >> yes. >> you guys live in alexandra, virginia. your husband is about to deploy for
is giving, but essentially what is it that the united states is doing about that? >> well, they and the british government have said sort of diplomatic rapid reaction forces to algeria, essentially to support the hostages that have been released, people that are trained in trauma and counseling and you can expedite things like passports that may be lost in the firefight and the chaos that ensued. but they haven't really been given access directly to the sites. this british plane anyway has gone to an airfield, that's about 250 kilometers north of the gas field. so they're being kept a long way back and there is clear frustration both here in london and in washington with the communication or lack of communication by the algerians. >> we don't know how many americans have been evacuated. do we have a sense of why there's been no information? >> largely because there's -- the al jeer yiians don't have a firm grip on what's going on. they're not passing on in a timely matter. the algerians went in yesterday without informing the brits or the americans and that caused i think
are no longer banned from combat units. leon panetta issued the order in the last 30 minutes. >> therefore today general dempsey and i are pleased to announce that we are eliminating the direct ground combat exclusion rule for women. we are moving forward with a plan to eliminate all unnecessary gender-based barriers to serve. >> eliminating the ban will take time and the assessment phase. each branch will examine all the jobs and units not accepting women and then produce a timeline for integration. every three months, service leaders will have to check on their progress and if it's found they are not suited for a unit, an exemption may be sought. one part of the air force, they have been side by side, fighting on the ground for more than a decade. >> this is tech sergeant andrea jefferson's worst nightmare. patrolling a remote area of afghanistan, taking on enemy fire and a comrade goes down. >> i want you to hold pressure hads on wound. >> jefferson has been training for this moment for months. >> get him on the vehicle. get him out of here. >> within minutes the airman is bannaged up and mov
be doing that? this is the united states of america, major. we can't manage our affairs in such a way that we pay our bills and we provide some certainty in terms of how we pay our bills? look, i don't think anybody would consider my position unreasonable here. i have -- [ inaudible question ] >> major, i am happy to have a conversation about how we reduce our deficits. i'm not going to have a monthly or every three months conversation about whether or not we pay our bills. because that in and of itself does severe damage. even the threat of default hurts our economy. it's hurting our economy as we speak. we shouldn't be having that debate. if we want to have a conversation about how to reduce our deficit, let's have that. we've been having that for the last two years. we just had an entire campaign about it. and by the way, the american people agreed with me. that we should reduce our deficits in a balanced way that also takes into account the need for us to grow this economy and put people back to work. and despite that conversation and despite the election results, the position tha
, chief operating officer, of the alternative investments unit. >> yes. >> but that basically was a unit that bet against homeowners paying their mortgage, picked up a nice million-dollar bonus check. citi was bailed out. how's that going to go over? >> that's going to come up. on one hand, you could say, hey, i understand wall street, i understand how it worked. i was in on that, as well. clearly he'll get tough questions. i don't think he's in for a rough ride in the nomination process, confirmation process. it's the treasury secretary the president's going to largely get who he wants. but it's funny because the general response on wall street isn't that he was one of us. it's that he hasn't had much wall street experience. they don't like him that much. they don't feely had has a good sense -- feel he has a good sense of regulation. he's a budgetary wonk, a partisan. it's interesting that wall street isn't that close behind jack lew. although it doesn't matter, wall street doesn't have a seat at this table now. the only game in town is budgetary. yeah, that stuff he did at citigroup w
senator. i'm a united states senator. of course, mr. hagel said that when he was serving in the senate. and another time he says, "the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here." not very diplomatic words, right? but are they anti-israel? >> no, i don't think so. carol, senator hagel has a long record of support for israel, support for israel's security. i think this is an outstanding choice by president obama because senator hagel is clearly, without any question, one of the most knowledgeable and sperexperienced leaders we on foreign defense policy. he's got a long record of support for the u.s. military, and he's a combat veteran in vietnam. so he's seen war. i think he's going to add weight to the cabinet, and he's going to work well with the president and be a real boost for our foreign and defense policy. >> what do you suppose he meant when he said the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here? what did he mean by that? >> i don't know what he meant specifically, but i know the remark was made some time ago, and i know that senator hagel has been very consistently
of the film and tv productions staying in the united states got a tax break, for example, also a tax break for the area or special tax is it the us for areas around the world trade center site. as we always have in very big legislation and important legislation, these things get tucked in there because they guarantee easier passage and some of them quite frankly are just extended, they're just almost like carbon copy extenders of things we have done before that have been languishing this year without a budget so the fiscal cliff bill, like all legislation, packed with these goodies. there's one thing in there that the business community is very, very interested in and i'd like to point out that to you, extension of modification of bonus depreciation. businesses can write off immediately half the value of their new investments, known as the 50% bonus depreciation. this is something that got business people, raised their attention. listen to what ned riley had to say about this. >> businesses have been holding off and waiting for the uncertainty of the fiscal cliff. we saw a nice bonus depre
bless you. [ applause ] to speaker boehner, may god bless this congress, my god always bless the united states of america. my colleagues, the speaker of the house, john boehner. [ applause ] >> leader pelosi, thank you for your kind words. members of the house and the senate and my wife debbie who is with us today, thankfully the girls are working. all of you and our fellow country men, we meet again at democracies great. every two years, at this hour the constitution brings a new order to this house. it's an interlude for reflection. a glimpse of old truce. to our new members and families, let me say welcome. i know you are feeling a bit awe struck at this moment. history runs through this building. now you are among a select few. for those of you returning who walked these aisles before, maybe it's time we get a little awe struck again. the way our founders envisioned it, the republic would be led by citizens who recognize that the blessings that we receive by governing ourselves, it requires that we give something of ourselves. everything depended on this. so that made each other and
of the house here in the united states. so it's all speculation right now as to whether he's coming back or not. those statements made by the communications minister yesterday saying he has respiratory failure are a great concern for many venezuelans. >> are they planning for his succession? if he does die, the vice president will step in. is there some opposition to him as well that might make a move? >> that's right. they're trying to position somebody at the national assembly so they have a voice there. also, there's a scenario where the national assembly can give him as much as 90 days. by him i mean president chavez so he can recover and come back and still take office. right now that's still up in the air. we don't know what's going to happen in the next week or so. >> all right. we'll keep our eye on that. thank you very much. >>> coming up as well, legendary film director oliver stone will join us live. he's known for tackling controversial sunlts. he directed a 2010 documentary about chavez, and he'll tell us why he's a fan of the venezuelan leader. there are other stories this hour. d
that looked like the united states of america and there will be 20 women as you point out among the 100 senators, there will a lot more women and minorities, hispanics and african-americans in the house of representatives. when all is said and done, there are democrats and republicans, and there is a democratic majority in the senate and there's a republican majority maintained in the house of representativess. the president has to deal with those facts of life. in the senate as you know and as our viewers know, on really important issues even though there's 55 democrats, 53 democrats, two independents who will caucus with the democrats, 55-45, even though there will be a democratic majority, you still need 60 to get important stuff done so the republicans will have a little check on that. the house of representatives, i think, the final number is 233 republicans, 200 democrats, two vacancies right now. the republicans still have an impressive majority in the house of representatives. as diversity is important, suzanne, the political parties are pretty important as well. the president i
in benghazi that claimed the lives of four americans are part of a broader strategic challenge to the united states and our partners in north africa. today i want to bereariefly off context, share what we've learned, and where we can work together to honor our colleagues. any clear-eyed examination of this manner must begin with this sobering fact. since 1988, there have been 19 accountability review boards investigating attacks on american diplomats and their facilities. benghazi joins a long list of tragedies for our department, agencies, and for america. hostages in tehran in 1979, in saudi arabia in 1996, embassys in east africa 1998. concentrate late staff murdered in 2004. since 1977, 65 american diplomatic personnel have been killed by terrorists. now, of course, the list of attacks foiled, crises averted, and lives saved is much longer. our security officials get it right 99% of the time against difficult odds around the world. let's also remember that administrations of both par tiffs and partnership with congress made concerted and good faith efforts to learn from these attacks and
unissues a warning to the united states. he's just been in power for over a year and he's pretty mysterious. we know little more about him today than when he took over the government for his father king jong-il. what what we do know, he's in his late 20s, spent some time in a swiss boarding school and he married the woman to his left on your screen. we have not seen her since these pictures came out. no idea if they're still married, if she's still on the scene. now uppermost in a lot of minds of the people, is this man calling the shots? is the military calling the shots? who exactly is in control and what does control mean in that country? this week kim's government unlived some very firy rhetoric, threats against the united nations and united states. and key ally south korea. the warning, more rocket tests and the latest one coming today, a warning to the south of, quote, strong physical counter measures, end quote, if the south helps to enforce new u.n. sanctions against the north, sanctions imposed after north korea's rocket launch last month. washington believes they're trying to deve
in future deployments that unit has taken several females to do that mission. >> reporter: in recent years the navy opened subamarine duty to women and the marines female engagement teams walked foot patrols with combat units. but there's a catch to opening the infantry. all jobs won't open immediately, and the pentagon left itself some wiggle room. sources say the services have to assess each job and unit to see if and when it'd be feasible for women to be integrated without losing combat readiness. senior defense official says certain special ops or infantry units may ask the secretary for an exemption to the rule, and congress will have to be notified of each job that opens up before it takes effect. it's a stark contrast to how the pentagon ended the exclusion of gays serving openly or don't ask, don't tell. there was no staggered approach that integrated openly gay troops. defense official told cnn it's the difference between personal behavior and physical ability. he said gay troops were already in units whereas women will be going into some for the first time. but many in uniform an
of our cities? and the answer, according to the united states conference of mayors, according to major chiefs of police, according to the largest police organization in the world, is absolutely no. >> -- we must accept less freedom. less than the criminal class, and the political elites, less than they keep for themselves. we're told that limits on magazine capacity or bans on 100-year-old firearm technology, bans that only will affect lawful people will somehow make us safer. >> that hearing starts 10:00 wednesday morning. and including other people to testify here. you have mark kelly, the husband of former congresswoman and mass shooting survivor gabby giffords. >>> now, to that absolutely horrible nightclub fire in brazil. we're getting new information here from state media, reporting that three arrests have been made, and a fourth person is being sought, which, in this whole fire, claimed the lives thus far of 231 people. this is how it played out on brazilian television. look at these people, and the smoke here. the smoke pouring out of the overcrowded club as people, unconscious
advancing to the presidential reviewing stand the united states marine corps band, he knows when to salute, when to put a hand over the heart. he knows, you know, when to applaud. >> reporter: he's taking his cues from you. >> that's exactly right. >> reporter: that doesn't happen very much in washington. >> no, no. >> reporter: you get to do it. >> i get to do it. >> reporter: from his role on inaugural day to his former day job as stadium announcer for the washington senators baseball team, brotman quickly became friends with many of the presidents he served. nixon gave him this autographed baseball. clinton gave him a hug. >> he grabs me with the shoulder like this and brings me in like this. >> reporter: it's no wonder charlie brotman has volunteered his voice to this american ritual. >> president george w. bush and first lady laura bush. >> reporter: sounds to me like you wouldn't trade this for the world, this experience you've had. >> if i had to, i would pay them to let me do it. i love it. >> reporter: charlie blrotman gt his start as the announcer for harry truman in 1949. he was
for the united states and intelligence services around the world. if this was al qaeda in north africa, which almost everyone seems to accept, it was -- what does this mean? is this a new front on the war on terror? this was by all accounts a very well-planned attack. they were heavily armed and moved several hundred into the algerian desert. this just didn't happen. who is behind all of it and what is the current threat they now pose. randi? >> algerian special forces took a whole lot of heat on thurz sd for launching the first attack to end this crisis. what are they saying about yesterday's attack now? >> you are absolutely right. how swiftly and violently the algerian forces cracked down on all of this. no question about it. the united states, britain, western allies who had citizens there saying they were not informed that the algerian special forces were going to move in and they moved in, perhaps, too fast and too hard. but that said, all of the governments from washington to london are saying it is the fault, of course, of the attackers that the responsibility lies with them. but make
the united states and reports from syria. is this the same or separate attacks? >> reporter: that's the thing that needed to be sorted today. we have heard from a u.s. official indeed there was just one attack. they say israeli planes did fly over and ended up hitting an area. the question is -- what is the difference? was it a convoy that was hit that had pieces and parts of missiles or was it this research facility that syria says the israelis hit that was damaged? there is confusion over what was hit or perhaps if it was one and the same incident. what we know from senior intelligence officials who have now left the intelligence agencies here in israel and we have talked to a few of them is that this particular research facility has been a facility that they know has been part of a chain of facilities that syria runs that have been trying to create unconventional weaponry. we are talking chemical weapons. however we are told this particular facility didn't have chemical weapons in it. however it was in a link. something that would help them move, for example, weaponry around. this facility
as an ambassador for his brand, which is featured in target stores here in the united states. >>> the country's bordering syria are planning a conference to discuss the growing refugee crisis, the un has registered 577,000 refugees, that's the registered number but believe the real number is higher. another 57 people were killed today in syria civil war. now more details of the alleged rape of a teenage girl in a small town in ohio. city leaders are speaking out about the investigation involving two high school football players. susan, a number of people think that there's been a coverup to protect members of the football team, what are you hearing? >> well, hi, the ohohio attorne general said he has seen. no evidence of wrongdoing. this is a small town, where everyone knows somebody connect to the case. a case that is still under active investigation. >> welcome to stubbinville, month's friel is the talk of the small town. the teen rape case went viral when this video appeared on the internet showing local teens joking about the incident in a vulgar way. >> i know it's not cool though. but t
mind being in the united states capitol but also to be in the d.c. -- in d.c. it breaks the d.c. gun laws. so they got special permission from the d.c. police office and also from the capitol police and there are a lot of capitol police officers here. those are the rules to make sure the guns are back there and we are not allowed back there either. that really is the point that she is going to make. what's most interesting is that her aud yns, audience are conservative democrats who feel that banning these type of assault weapons, they don't want to do it. >> i'm glad that you pointed out that there was a special -- our colleague david gregory took it on the chin for having a high-powered magazine on his show. there is a significant reason why. when i said theatric, i meant it. critics of this kind of gun control law say it's because of the look. they look so incredibly menacing but are they any different that what is legal? sl there a lot of specificity about what kind of weapon will constitute an assault weapon? >> there are. in fact, i should tell you that i should probably stop t
that update. >> elizabeth cohen is going to join us a little bit later on from our medical unit. she is going to have more about max schwolert's heartbreaking story, his case and this story in general. back after this. for only 1-cent after maxperks rewards. find thousands of big deals now... officemax. [ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds to the source. fast! [ male announcer ] stop the uh-oh fast with kaopectate. >>> so we broke the news yesterday that president obama had plans to nominate his chief of staff, jack lew, for treasury secretary. now, the official announcement will be made at 1:30 p.m. eastern today. if confirmed, lew would succeed timothy geithner, the last member of the original economic team that took office four years ago. that was, of course, you'll remember, at the height of the world economic crisis. dan lothian joins us live at the the white house. boy, did you ever have the news yesterday. you were the first on the air with it. what's the reaction been, though. you know it doesn't take long before the kniv
about threats against the united states, to some large extent, they come from those top white house advisers. he will now be at the cia and he will have all of those responsibilities, still talking to the president but not as close, perhaps, as he has been. >> all right. barbara starr, thank you, barbara. appreciate it. >>> want to talk more about john brennan's nomination. peter bergen is joining us. you and i have talked numerous times about the drone program here. and the support for the drone program is very controversial. there are some critics who say these strikes are actually not accurate enough, that there are a lot of civilian casualties. do we think that brennan would be the kind of leader who would expand the program perhaps in yemen, pakistan and other hot areas? >> suzanne, as you know, the principle architect, arguably, in yemen. he has traveled to yemen several times since the christmas day attempt in yemen to bring down u.s. flight over detroit. in the foundation that i work, new america foundation, in addition to cnn, we track that and we find that pakistan is goin
that this is the moment to really take dramatic comprehensive efforts to dole wieal with gunse united states. he has a whole bunch of initiatives he's about to unveil in dealing with this problem across the board. it will be a bold plan in terms of what the president wants to do, the military-type assault weapons, the high-ammunition clips, the number of rounds that can be in clips, dealing with mental health. that will be another part of what the president has in mind. so this is going to be a pretty ambitious plan. even though our new poll numbers show that the american public supports stricter gun control, this is going to be a tough ride. dealing with the assault weapons-type ban, for example, it's by no means a done deal. you not only need the senate, you need the house of republi n representatives, you need republicans, democrats and then you have the national rifle association, its affiliate groups, supporting groups that will be fiercely opposed to what the president is now going to be putting forward. this is going to be a tough fight. >> and that national rifle association, as you just br
.s. government. zee a new status update from the united states sentencing commission. it says early this morning, the commission' website was hacked and defaced. the site was quickly pulled down. it's currently being restored. the commission is working to have the site fully functional, secure, and accessible as soon as possible. this is what the website looked like earlier in the day as anonymous said it was declaring war on the government by targeting this website. threatening to release sensitive information about the department of justice and what it calls warheads, named after supreme court justices. you may never have spent time browsing this website, but why here? they say it's intentional and symbolic. it's targeting the very agency they believe has unfairly targeted hackers. we also heard from the fbi. they were aware of the cyberattack as soon as it happened and they're handling this as a criminal investigation. >> thank you very much. we should tell you that an anonymous has inserted itself into several national news stories. they took a vigilante role in the ohio rape case. and then
-oh fast with kaopectate. >>> the president of the united states about to make history again ahead of monday's inauguration. the president is right now observing the martin luther king holiday with a service project. he and the first lady are volunteering at an elementary school in the washington area. >> they absolutely are. we'll be watching that closely. millions will be watching when president obama is sworn in for his second term, but not all of them are happy he's in charge. take a look at this. >> a new poll shows the president's approval rating is 55%. 43% disappear of how he's doing. but look at this breakdown. it is staggering. 92% of democrats approve but only 13% of republicans say the president is doing a good job. that is a huge gap. so what does he do about it? how does the president reach out to those who do not support him right now? clark judge has some thoughts on that. he is the founder and managing director of the white house group. you say the president needs to talk about common purpose that everyone can relate to. he needs to transcend party lines in this sp
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